German classes

German classes

We – Sprachraum e.V. – are a democratic, self-organized association. We offer German lessons for free for everyone. We want a world full of solidarity. We don’t accept racism, fascism, sexism or homophobia!   We will never ask about your legal papers!

Currently we offer:

  • alphabetization class (ABC)
  • classes for beginners with some knowledge

We regularly organise leisure activities, like a christmas party or a shared barbecue.

Classes are mixed and open for everyone. Right now we’re not able to offer classes that are exclusively for women.

Where & When?

  • alphabetization / ABC-class

the class is good for: everyone who wants to learn the latin/german alphabet

When: every Thursday 18:30 – 20:00

Where: in “Café Exil”, Spaldingstraße 41 (google maps)


  • class for beginners with some knowledge

the class is good for: everyone who has some basic knowledge of German (words for everyday situations) (A2-B1)

Wann:  Monday & Thursday 19.15-20.45Uhr

Wo: Im IBiS Büro , Hamburger Hochstraße 1 (google maps) (St.Pauli – Hein-Köllisch-Platz, then downhill and its the house the musical notes on it)



Sign in:

Right now all of our classes are open and you can just come by (please look which one is apropriate for you). It would be nice, if you would sign in by mail or by coming to the consultation hour:

  • by mail: sprachraum09[@]
  • or every Thursday from 3.30-6 pm at the Café Exil (Spaldingstr. 41, 20097 Hamburg) – where we also do consultation

Tel.: also every Thursday from 3.30-6 pm at the Cafe Exil: 040/ 88 23 86 82.